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Where Uncomparable Strength Meets Style!


Based in Cartersville, Georgia, our products are all made in the USA. We are proud to support our community and pay our employees a living wage.

The process starts with locally sourced steel and from there, the in-house work begins. We value our skilled employees who produce, package, and ship all our products directly to our customers. 


We take pride in being a U.S.-based, eco-friendly shop. Limiting our environmental impact is a key part of our vision. We take care to source locally, and all left-over steel scraps that result from our production process are recycled. By creating quality products, our designs will last for years to come.



PostHugger.com is a small, family-owned business that prides itself on excellent customer service. Because all aspects of the business are handled in-house, we are very responsive to our customers. We love building relationships and helping you find the products that best meet your needs.


Our Product

Who Are We?

We are a small, family-owned, Mom & Pop Shop.  We handle every aspect of the business in-house, which means we are very responsive to our customers.

As the CNC Plasma Cutting & Metal Fabrication Division, we take pride in the steel we source, our in-house production process, and most importantly in quickly making and shipping high-quality steel brackets.

How Does Plasma Cutting Work?

Our plasma cutter works by using 65 amps of 480 volt, three-phase, electricity to super-heat air.  The result is a 40,000° plasma stream which instantly renders metal into a molten form as the stream pierces the material and moves with computer-controlled precision.    Bring us your design or snag one of the ones we already made.  Either way, we think you will like the result!

What is CNC?

CNC, or computer numerical code, is the language by which a computer automates the use of tools to perform a specific task.  It allows ultra-precise and repeatable actions to be performed in an optimized and controlled fashion.  This setup is what allows us to create with unsurpassed intricacy and uniform tolerances.

CNC Table

Whereas the computer is the brains of the operation, the table is the muscle and body.  A large work surface is flanked by a heavy steel gantry on which the plasma torch is attached.  The computer controls the movement of the motors on either side of the gantry as well as the up and down movement of the torch to achieve spectacular cuts and products.

Steel and Other Metals

Mild steel is most commonly used. All of our heavy-duty support brackets are constructed of 1/8″ thick steel — strong enough to take anything you throw at it.  We prefer the use of 1/8″ steel in most of our metalwork so that the final product is at the intersection of value, durability, and style. This includes our Candle-Savers™ candle toppers, which are always steel-constructed, never thin tin like others out there. Visit https://candle-toppers.com/ to see our entire Candle-Savers™ Candle Toppers line.

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