What Steel Thickness Is Used ?

We use 1/8″ thick steel, which is the same as we use for 99% of our brackets. (We make some custom brackets using 1/16″, and some others at 1/4″, but mostly everything is our standard 1/8″ thick — super heavy duty, and able to take whatever project you throw at it!)  In measuring thickness, some use inches, fractions, or gauge.  To compare thickness in everyday terms, the 1/8″ thick steel we are using is thicker than a Quarter and a Dime Stacked on Top of Each Other (2.4% Thicker).  If you are comparing our brackets to another company who uses gauges rather than thickness, our 11 gauge steel is 250% thicker than 18 Gauge, 200% thicker than 16 Gauge, and 60% thicker than 14 Gauge.

Do Your Brackets Fit Standard Posts?

Yes! Our standard brackets are made to fit the usual posts you find at Home Depot and other lumber retail outlets.  This means a 4×4 post bought at Home Depot actually measures 3.5″ x 3.5″.  This is know as “Dimensional Lumber” — every size is 1/2″ smaller than what it is called (so the commonly known 2×4 actually is 1.5″ x 3.5″!).  Our brackets are made to fit these common Dimensional Lumber sizes found at home improvement stores throughout the United States.  As an example, the top photo to the right shows our standard Outside Corner for a 6×6 Post.

Of course, if you buy lumber at a saw mill, it may measure a true size, rather than dimensional (i.e., actually 6″ x 6″ for a 6×6, rather than 5.5″ like in stores).  Our standard brackets will still work, but there will be 1/2″ of “reveal” on the edge where our standard bracket comes up 1/2″ less.  Or, just let us know your ship-to zip code, the parts and size you would like and we can let you know the total cost for custom brackets made to fit your saw-mill-cut posts!

What Brackets Do I Need to Build a Single Standard Pergola?

Using 4×4 posts to build a Single Standard Pergola:

* 4 Outside Corners
* 4 Bent L Inside Corners (optional)
* Optional Black Powder Coat

If you also need to bolt it down, rather than set the upright posts in concrete, then you also will need 4 of our 2-Piece Post Bases.

If, like in the picture,  you plan to add a roof, then you can use regular Bent L’s or Small Bent L’s to add the cross pieces.

What Brackets Do I Need to Build a Double Pergola?

Using 4×4 posts to build a Double Pergola:

* 4 Outside Corners
* 2 Flat T’s
* 8 Bent L Inside Corners (optional)
* Optional Black Powder Coat

If you also need to bolt it down, rather than set the upright posts in concrete, then you also will need 6 of our 2-Piece Post Bases.

How Do I Attach My Pergola’s Incoming Horizontal Beams to the Upright Posts?

Using our brackets to attach the incoming horizontal posts of your pergola to your upright posts, you miter the corners of your horizontal beams and rest them on top of the uprights. The bottom half of our Outside Corners bolt to the uprights, and the “ears” of the Outside Corners bolt to the two incoming horizontal posts.

Can Different Brackets be Used Together?

Yes, we designed our brackets to allow them to be used together. You can use a Bent L as an inside corner if you like, and the holes line up with the Outside Corner so that you can make a steel/post/steel and even bolt all the way through. The Bent L’s also line up with the holes on the Flat T’s.  

Likewise, the Double Inside Corners also work. The holes for the upright align, so you have the option to bolt through. For the ears, they are offset, so that they do not collide.

What Brackets Are Included in a Hexagon Pergola Kit & Can I Buy Pieces Individually?

In the 24 Piece Brackets Set for a Hexagon Pergola Build, there are four brackets at each intersection. One for each of the following: the outside of the horizontal posts; the inside horizontal and attaching to the upright; and a left and right “under-arm” which attach to the upright and one incoming horizontal post on each side. They are labelled in this picture for easy reference.

And, yes, we sell parts of any of our kits. Just message us!


What Size Lag Bolts Do I Need for Your Standard Brackets?

BOLT HOLE SIZE: All the holes on our brackets for 4×4 posts and for 6×6 posts are sized for 1/2″ lags or bolts unless otherwise specified, but if you use 3/8″, you will need to pick up washers when you get your bolts from your local hardware store.

What is Production & Shipping Time for Brackets?

Currently, we ship raw steel bracket orders and standard metal work orders within 24-48 hours, and all powder-coated bracket orders within 72 hours.

Is Shipping Free on All Orders?

Shipping within the Continental United States is free! 

If you live in a noncontiguous state or Canada (CA), you will be charged a flexible shipping rate calculated at checkout. In Canada, you may also be subject to international/Canadian fees at receiver end depending on Fair Trade Agreements in place.

Thank You for finding us and supporting our local family-run shop! 

We appreciate your business!!