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What Sets Us Apart?

It’s simple: Original. Quality. Design.

We know there are many products out there, some of which even try to imitate our trademarked design, but none equal PostHugger™.

  • We are the original designer of these brackets, often copied by others but never equaled.
  • We use 1/8″ steel which is thicker than a Quarter and a Dime stacked on top of each other. 
  • Unlike others who just cut and ship steel right off their table, we take the time to hand debur and wire brush both the inside and outside of every piece. 
  • All powder coating is done in-house to ensure a quality application on each and every piece.
  • We use only 100% first-rate, high quality powders, which are all made in America just like our brackets.
  • We develop all designs ourselves and, unlike some, never poach the intellectual property of others.
  • We proudly stand behind all our products.

Choose PostHugger™ & Start Building Strong Today!

Superior Craftsmanship & Materials

We Specialize in Heavy Duty, 11-Gage Steel Brackets!

Our PostHugger™ design is made even better because we use 1/8″ thick steel!  The Result: pounds of steel are used at every intersection to tie together your designs!

Strength for Every DIY Indoor/Outdoor Project You Have!

From Quick Fixes . . .

. . . To Full-On Build Outs!  Scroll to View the Endless Possibilities:

Innovation & Design

Our Original Designs + Continual Improvements = The PostHugger™ Difference!

Brackets for 4x4 Posts
4x6 Corner Brackets
Brackets To Build a Hexagon Shape using either 4x4 or 6x6 Posts
6x6-to-4x4 Brackets, Too!
Brackets To Build an Octagon Shape
Sloped Brackets for 4x4 Posts
Custom Brackets for Unique DIY's or Added Strength!

PostHugger™: Where Strength Meets Style!