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Build your own rugged and heavy duty PostHugger™ Pergola, Double Pergola, shop/garage/CNC table, or deck with our RiverDriveDesigns, USA made, 1/8″ thick, steel brackets! Also great for fixing/reinforcing the one you already have! These are not flimsy/bendable metal. We make them using 1/8″ thick steel – a single corner bracket weighs just over 2 pounds – – strong enough to take what you throw at it (or what you throw it at!), but not so heavy where they are hard to work with.

We use 1/8″ steel which is thicker than a Quarter and a Dime stacked on top of each other. Also unlike others who just cut and ship steel right off their table, we take the time to hand debur and wire brush both the inside and outside of every piece.

We are the original designer of the PostHugger™ brackets, which may be copied, but never equaled! 🙂 If you find a PostHugger™ knockoff, give us a chance to meet or beat their price. 

This listing is for individual brackets made to adapt/connect 6 x6 Posts to 4 x 4 Posts.

Our brackets can be installed using any 1/2″ wood lag screws or in instances where there will not be a collision of bolt holes, 1/2″ thru bolts. If you use lag screws, we recommend 1/2″ x at least 2″ length for 4×4 posts and at least 2.5″ length for 6×6 posts, with longer bolts adding more strength. If you choose to through-bolt in locations where possible, go at least 1/2″ x 4.5″ for 4×4 posts. BOLTS/LAG SCREWS ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH OUR BRACKETS; you can pick them up at your local Home Depot /Menard’s/Lowe’s/Ace Hardware store when you pick up your wood. Lifestyle customer photos depict build/use variations only.

Two Piece Reducer – This bracket is used to reduce a 6×6 post to accept a 4×4 post. It is made up of two separate halves. One half bolts to the 6×6 and the 4×4 and the other half has feet which bolt to the 6×6 and also bolts to the 4×4. Through bolting is not possible with this bracket; instead, all holes are offset and the steel surrounds the 4×4.

6 To 4 Corner Adapter – This bracket is used where your upright post is a 6×6 and you are adding a vertical 4×4 post on top to extend your 6×6.

6 To 4 Flat L – This bracket is used where your upright post is a 6×6 and you have one incoming horizontal 4×4 post you want to attach.

6 To 4 Flat T – This bracket is used where your upright post is a 6×6 and you have two incoming horizontal 4×4 posts you want to attach in a straight line. 6 To 4 Bent L – This bracket is bent at a 90 degree angle with one tab sized for a 4×4 post and the other for a 6×6 post.

6 To 4 Outside Corner – This outside corner bracket is used where your upright post is a 6×6 and you are adding horizontal incoming 4×4 posts on top to make an corner.

Please note that unless you choose the powder coated option, these ship as raw, unpainted steel. You can either paint them the color of your choice, finish them with a clear coat, or allow to achieve a natural rust patina over time.

***Powder Coated Brackets: If ordering brackets in the black powder coat, please allow an additional 1-2 days for shipping & delivery.***

Made in the USA: All our PostHugger™ Brackets & metal artwork products are Made in America with American-Made Steel!

If you would like to see customer photos (and a video!) of some of our brackets in use, click the link

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

6 To 4 Corner Adapter, 6 To 4 Flat L, 6 To 4 Flat T, 6 To 4 Bent L, 6 To 4 Outside Corner


1/8" Thick Steel, 1/8" Thick Steel with Black Powder Coating