MiterMAXX™ Steel Plates | Maximum Support – Maximum Time Savings for Mitered Joints | For 4×4 or 6×6 Posts



Introducing our new MiterMAXX™ Plates which are so innovative that we already have a Patent-Pending (63/371,085)!!  Our MiterMAXX™ Plates make the installation of mitered posts a breeze.  Simply screw down the MiterMAXX™ plate to the flat/top surface of your upright post.  Now you have a steel shelf for your incoming mitered posts to rest on while you add brackets to connect your incoming horizontal posts to your upright.  You gain an essential helping hand during your build and a solid steel layer permanently supporting your mitered cuts with a large area of steel rather than only 50% of the post remaining after your miter cut!

These brackets are sold individually and in sets.  First, select your post size of either 4×4 (3.5” x 3.5”) or 6×6 (5.5″ X 5.5″). Next, select the quantity or kit you would like and, finally, choose whether you prefer unfinished steel or a powder coated black finish. 

Get a helping hand and increase the support of the mitered joints in your planned build by using MiterMAXX™ L Plates for corners and MiterMAXX™ T Plates for middle legs of your build which have three incoming posts.  Maximum time savings and Maximum support — hence, the”MAXX”!!  We don’t mess around on the strength. Our new, proprietary, Patent-Pending, MiterMAXX™ Plates are made using 1/8″ thick steel – – strong enough to take what you throw at it, but not so heavy where they are hard to work with. And, just like all our PostHugger™ Brackets, are Made in America with American-Made Steel! We are the exclusive manufacturer of these plates!

What are MiterMAXX™ Plates?  Normally, when building a pergola, you will miter the two incoming horizontal posts at 45° on the corners, so both posts meet and rest on top of the upright corner post.  Obviously, ½ of the post is missing where the 45° has been mitered off to make the square corner where the two horizontal posts meet.  We designed a new product to place on top of your upright before placing your horizontal posts – our MiterMAXX™ L Plate for the corners (and MiterMAXX™ T Plate if you have a middle section with three incoming horizontal posts). The flat plate is designed so that it extends beyond the area of the top post itself, thereby affording additional surface area of support for the incoming mitered (or lapped) member, and has holes for countersunk screws to hold it in place.

We’ve INCLUDED small wood screws.  Use these screws to attach the MiterMAXX™ Plates to the flat/top of your upright posts.  Basically you are making a steel shelf on which you will rest your incoming horizontal posts.  This shelf makes your build easier and strengthens the mitered corners because of the addition of a steel plate under the mitered joint.  The screws are countersunk, but if you are concerned about the heads holding up your horizontal posts a bit, you can prevent that by making a small countersunk hole on the underside of your horizontal posts right where the two screws heads will hit.  Just use the L and T MiterMAXX™ Plates (before installing them on the top of the uprights) as a template to mark where to make small divots on the underside of your horizontal posts.  If you use a ½” drill bit and go about an 1/8′ deep, you should be all set.


Please note that unless you choose the powder coated option, these ship as unfinished steel. You can either paint them the color of your choice, finish them with a clear coat, or allow to achieve a natural rust patina over time.  If ordering our powder coated brackets, your order may take an additional day or two to work its way through our powder coating process, depending on our inventory at the time of your order.

(NOTE: All our brackets are based on the dimensional size of the lumber but we can make them actual 4″x4″ or 6″x6″ for you, if needed. Just let us know your ship-to zip code, the parts and actual size(s) you would like and we can let you know the total cost for custom brackets made to fit your saw-mill-cut posts.)

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Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in
Post Size

For 4X4 Posts (3.5" x 3.5"), For 6X6 Posts (5.5" x 5.5")

MiterMaxx™ Plate

Single L Plate, Single T Plate, 4 Piece L Plate Set (Single Pergola), 6 Piece (4 L's and 2 T's) Plate Set (Double Pergola)


1/8" Thick Steel, 1/8" Thick Steel with Black Powder Coating